Stainless Steel Heat Shield. Reducing heat radiation.

February 13, 2020

Thermal Division presents new stainless steel heat shield product. It can be used to cover very hot surfaces to provide great heat protection for any objects near heat source. Stainless steel heat shield has a great corrosion and oil resistance.

Thermal Division Stainless Steel Heat Shield TDABSS


- Reflects 90% of thermal radiation.

- Withstands temperatures to 950 °С and direct to 260°С.

- It can be used to protect fuel system, transmission, hoses or plastic and other parts of vehicle from exhaust heat.

Thermal Division Stainless Steel Heat Shield TDABSS

All new Thermal Division stainless steel heat shield with composite layer provides extremely heat protection ever. It can be easily transform by hand or hand tools. In case of using to cover downpipe the heat shield should be located by composite layer to the source of heat, in other cases – reflect side should be located facing heat source.