News 111 December 18, 2016

Our new product is Flexible Silicone Air Ducting Hose.

Silicone Air Ducting Hose

Air ducting hose designed to air or fumes delivery systems. Silicone air ducting hose has various applications by the wide temperature range. It has high heat resistance – up to 308 C degree although lower temperature limit is up to -80 C degree. It is flexible that is why you can control the air flow, you can handle it very accurate on any surface even if it is too small. Thermal Division air duct is reinforced so it is non-kinking and air flow has no restricts.

Air Flow in Silicone Air Ducting Hose

Thermal Division Silicone Air ducting hose is resistant to many fluids and gas. Before creating and constructing ventilation or any other system please check compatibility.

Silicone air ducting hose can be used on any market like aircrafts, brake cooling, industry ventilation systems, dry cleaning systems, garage/workshop exhaust, transmission cooling and others.

Brake Air Duct, Oil Cooling Air Duct

News 111 August 30, 2016

We glad to represent new type of exhaust wrap - Reinforced (RFD). We have tested different wraps on very hot places of exhaust. We are faced with the problem of installation of oil cooler kit on Subaru with twin-scroll header. Oil cooler lines placed near header with too small clearence and it's too dangerous because rubber part of lines could be burned. So our main objective was to create any heat protective material to safe these lines.

Solution is too simple - we made thicker our titan wrap. We have up to 70% more heat resistant as result. Normal thickness is 1.5mm, RFD exhaust wrap is 3mm thickness.

You can find this RFD wrap on our website by seariching TDTW0225F.

Also we made the new design of package for our products. Exhaust wrap is packed into new plastic boxes.

Thermal Division. RFD. Thermal Division. RFD.

News 111 July 25, 2016

We poud to announce that we have new effective thermo shield product - Body Aluminum heat shield seld adhesive. It could be easy installed on car body like tunnel or floor to protect from exhaust and transmission heat. This shield can keep 1100C short time and 600C continuous. This material could be used too close from heat center. The great advantage of it that it is self-adhesive. Total thickness of it is about 1in althought it has too light weight. As result we have light and very effective heat protection.

You could find more and order

News 111 December 31, 2015

We hope that 2016 will be much better than 2015!

Happy New Year 2016!

News 111 November 12, 2015

We have started produce our lock ties. It's very convenient to use when you wrapping exhaust manifold for example. It is stainless steel. Also it has different lengths so you can use for tubes, catbacks, manifolds with different dia.

You can find it in our catalog as: TDCL item numbers (TDCL106, TDCL126..). You can buy it on our online shop.